Why Are Things Worse This Year?

The Tripledemic And Why It Is Worse This Year

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has been reporting that influenza cases began much earlier this year and are rapidly rising nationwide.  With relaxed COVID-19 guidelines, travel and socializing back in full swing, this winter season is primed for a rise in cases of COVID, and influenza, with a mix of a third pathogen, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) causing a “tripledemic.”  This winter, instead of getting either COVID, or the Flu, individuals are getting 1,2, and even all 3 viral infectrions at the same time weakening their immune system resulting in more sevfere illness.

We already had COVID and the flu, but RSV also entered the picture this fall. RSV usually affects children but this winter, it is also affecting adults and the RSV hospitalization rate for seniors is 10 times higher than usual for this point in the season

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