How Diabetic Patients Should Respond to COVID-19 Pandemic?

According to health officials, people with diagnosed diabetes are more likely to catch and develop different infections. That is because high blood sugar level can make the patient’s immune system vulnerable and defenseless against strong viral infections, including coronavirus. Moreover, people with severe diabetes-related issues, such as reduced flow of blood and nerve damage, are […]

Coronavirus Vaccination Update 2021: Here is what is happening

Coronavirus hit the world with sharpened ends on the last days of 2019, and it’s been more than a year of growing in isolation and fighting battles after battles. Although the situation got better due to the efforts of governmental authorities and medical fraternity members, there is still much tension in the countries around the […]

How to Stay One Step Ahead of Covid-19—Measures of Precaution

As all of us know, coronavirus has left the whole world shaking in fear and making every effort to preserve lives. Covid-19 had victimized millions of lives throughout the whole world. And even though it has a wider recovery rate than the death rate, we cannot afford to take a risk not being 100% precautioned […]

How to Get Tested for Coronavirus in Chicago, Illinois

Coronavirus entered this world around the end of 2019, and in just a few months, it spread nearly all over the world, taking millions of lives and leaving millions more devastated. We are only one month deep in 2021, and it is nearly unbelievable that we have survived two waves of a deadly virus that […]

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