Coronavirus Vaccination Update 2021: Here is what is happening

Coronavirus hit the world with sharpened ends on the last days of 2019, and it’s been more than a year of growing in isolation and fighting battles after battles. Although the situation got better due to the efforts of governmental authorities and medical fraternity members, there is still much tension in the countries around the world.

The recently-found vaccine of coronavirus has been supplied to the respective countries; however, the quantity is still crucial. Therefore, the vaccine is becoming available for the public gradually. In the USA, particularly Illinois, the vaccine is being provided in different phases to different groups of people. Apart from that, people are encouraged to continue to get tested for COVID-19 because that helps in possible identification of patients—so they can be treated urgently and get vaccinated.

A report came from the Chicago press that health officials from Illinois reported more than 2940 new cases of COVID-19 this past week, along with 49 tragic deaths. And that was during the beginning of Vaccination Phase 1B.


According to Phase 1B of vaccination in Illinois, people over 65 years of age and many vital-role workers are now eligible to get the vaccine and be completely COVID-proof. That means around 3.2 million people in Illinois are going to be vaccinated in Vaccination Phase 1B.

Health staff has set their camps and vaccination centers around the state to help people get the vaccine from the nearest station. Cook County Health Centers have set up vaccination points in half a dozen suburban areas, and they would be assisted by Illinois National Guard. According to officials reported to the Chicago press, the Vaccination Phase has begun, and all of the guard-supported vaccination points will be taking appointments for Vaccination Phase 1B from Monday. Appointments will also be taken at pharmacies at hundreds of branches of Walgreens, Jewel, and CVS locations.

Apart from the vaccination phase—which everyone will take advantage of at the time—tests are crucial. Remember: cases are decreasing, not stopped; deaths are low in numbers, not ended. And if we want to clean out the whole virus—not just its bits—then we need to be extremely vigilant of it. We can do that by:

  • Being extra cautious with our hygiene. That includes appropriate use of sanitizer, hand gloves, and most importantly, face masks.

  • Distancing ourselves socially by at least 6 feet, which is a length equal to adult arms.

  • Not spreading any news without proper verification from health organizations.

  • Get tested.

There is a debate going on which battles on the ground of how often we should do tests. Typically, a test is only recommended when you notice any symptom of the virus in yourself, such as cough, headache, dizziness, and fever.

If you are based in Chicago, you can get tested for COVID-19 easily at reputable clinics that have verified COVID-testing equipment and labs. One of those clinics is, where Rapid Testing is also available for those who want to get quick results.

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