5 Myths Around Covid-19 That You Need to Ignore

One of the most worrisome obstacles in our journey of defeating the coronavirus pandemic are myths. Somewhere on earth, someone said something out of fear of the virus, and a whole set of people started believing it without any evidence. We understand that people try to be extra careful, which is good, but it also important to keep calm and think rationally, and unsupported myths do not let that happen.

It is high time we address the myths revolving around Covid-19; people need to make sure that they verify the authenticity of the statement before they pass it onto others. Below are myths that we often encountered during the pandemic.


1.      Coronavirus Only Spreads in Cold Climate and Not in Hot and Humid Climate

As much as we would like it to be true, it is not. The virus we are battling with can transmit in any climate. Therefore, wherever you are, in whatever climate, you need to be vigilant of the virus and take care of your personal hygiene, i.e., wear face masks, cover your mouth while coughing and sneezing, and wash your hands frequently.

2.      Digital Thermometers Identify Coronavirus Effectively

“Thermometer” means measuring the thermal energy, i.e., heat. Digital thermometers are used because they are quicker and more accurate—speed and accuracy are required when a lot of people are in the line. Digital thermometers check the temperature of your body and determine if you have fever or not.

If you do have fever, you are ought to stay back and not indulge in activity you were about to indulge in. Instead, you should go to the hospital and get proper tests and treatments. However, if you don’t have the fever, you can pass ahead.

That’s the whole purpose of digital thermometers—just to determine your temperature and separate you from the crowd if it’s high. Digital thermometers, in no way, identify coronavirus.

3.      UV Disinfectant Bulbs to Kill Covid-19

Although UV bulbs are used to disinfect certain subjects, there is no scientific evidence that they disinfect your body and cure/prevent you from COVID-19. In fact, UV bulbs can irritate and burn your skin, so you should stay away from.

4.      Alcohol Spray to Kill the Virus

Spraying the alcohol on your body or hands cannot protect you from germs that are in your body. Moreover, they can cause rash on your skin, damage the tissues of your body, such as lips and eyes, and damage the coloring of your clothes.

5.      Eating Raw Garlic Prevents Covid-19

Although garlic has some amazing anti-microbial properties, there is no evidence that it is useful against the infections of coronavirus.

There are loads of other myths revolving around people’s WhatsApps, but all you need to do is verify it from an authorized website and pass it on if it’s valid. Otherwise, ignore it. Moreover, if you haven’t had tested for coronavirus, experts recommend that you immediately make an appointment at ChicagoCovidTest.com and help the officials identify you as a vaccine candidate.

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