How to Stay Away from COVID-19: 4 Things to Follow

It has been more than a year now since coronavirus hit the world and spread the wave of fear and devastation. As much as humanity is doing efforts to preserve lives, millions of people have been victimized. It is true that COVID-19 has an increased recovery rate than fatality rate, but it cannot be denied we have to take all the necessary precautions to avoid the infection at all costs.

Talking about precautions, below are four tips to stay away from the COVID-19.

Social Distance

Social distancing is the basic precaution to take; we all know it. However, some of us take it lightly and don’t follow it properly, which is wrong. That is because social distancing is a scientifically-proven method to trap the harmful virus in the state of roaming, not giving it away to transmission.

When we do not distance ourselves from other people, we allow the virus to transmit from one person to another.

Therefore, remember to socially distance yourselves to stay safe.


Use of Precautionary Devices

Precautionary devices are masks, sanitizers, etc., the things that give you a shield from viral germs. When you put the mask on your face and nose—which are your external respiratory organs—you don’t allow the virus to find the entry point in your body. You breathe the air which is filtered out of germs through the mask. However, some people wear the mask that comes with the air filter separately, those masks are not recommended by the CDC.

As for sanitizers, they are excellent germ-killers. Increase its use to remain always germ-free.

Don’t Believe in Myths

While the news is something that we all desperately need, some people take advantage of that desperation and spread fake news. Since the past year, the rate of fake news spread was an all-time high. In fact, social media experts collaborated with medical enthusiasts to create fake news of the virus to note how far it would spread in how much time. Unfortunately, the results showed that humans tend to not only believe in myths but also spread them without any verification.

Do everyone and yourself a favor: don’t believe in everything you see in your WhatsApp inbox or YouTube timelines. Verify everything from CDC’s or WHO’s website before you spread it.

Get Tested and Vaccinated

Although the situation is seemingly under control, some cities of the US are still worried about the virus because the risk rate is getting higher and higher day by day. a few days ago, Chicago officials announced that young adults of the city need to be careful (since they haven’t been vaccinated yet) because the city might be facing again what it faced in the second wave.

As the issue is overwhelming, everyone is recommended to get tested and make the identification of confirmed patients possible. Moreover, if you are eligible, you can get vaccinated at the same place where you go to test for—that too for free.

For free tests and vaccination, make an appointment here.

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