Coronavirus and Tobacco: How Does It Affect Smokers

Tobacco is one of the most consumed drugs across the world, and it is sold in the form of cigarettes of different brands. Smoking tobacco-filled cigarettes are very common among people. Some people have a habit, and some people do it occasionally; however, there is a debate going on in the world about how the smoke inhale and exposure to coronavirus creates a deadly combination for the human body.

We have all probably heard the rumors saying how smokers are less likely to contract COVID-19 than non-smokers. Not only did it make smokers feel that they are doing a healthy thing, but it encouraged non-smokers as well to start smoking. Well, before you make any harsh decisions, you might want to ignore the rumors and focus on the real facts.

According to World Health Organization, there haven’t been any studies or purposeful research about the correlation between smoking and coronavirus transmission—so it is safe to say that rumors are probably just rumors. Moreover, the medical evidence hasn’t emerged completely yet to say that there is even a link between smoking and the chances to contract COVID-19. Some articles from the earliest COVID era suggested that habitual smokers are more likely to catch coronavirus than people who don’t smoke, and smokers are more likely to get seriously ill due to the coronavirus than non-smokers.

Although it is said that medical evidence doesn’t recognize any link between the two factors, the aforementioned statement seems valid because smokers touch their faces and mouths more often. Moreover, everyone has to remove their masks if they are eating or drinking in public, but smokers remove their masks additionally for smoking, which makes them breathe in the potentially harmful or infected air.

One thing that totally dethrones the theory of smokers not contracting the coronavirus is the fact that smoking damages your lungs. It has been a well-established example that smoking causes lung cancer (that’s even on the packet). Therefore, it is known that smoking gradually weakens your lungs and makes you more vulnerable to diseases that may affect your respiratory system; one of those diseases is COVID-19. In other words, if you are a smoker, your lungs get more affected each time you smoke, so it is justified that you are probably more likely (not less likely) to catch COVID-19 and become seriously ill due to your already weak respiratory system.

So, if you were on the look for motivation to quit, do it now; it can literally save your life.

In addition to that, don’t forget to get tested. COVID tests are one thing that can help you identify yourself as a patient and get proper treatment. “Tests, tests, tests” was the recommendation of the WHO director-general for all the countries of the world.

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