You Can Get COVID-19 After Getting Fully Vaccinated, Beware

A few days ago, Chicago slid into the new phase of vaccination, Phase 1C which allows more and more people to get vaccinated. However, people have a misconception that they are fully immune to the contraction of coronavirus because they have been fully vaccinated. Well, that is not true.

In fact, people can contract COVID-19 and develop its visible symptoms even after getting all doses of vaccine. These are, reportedly, the side effects of the vaccine. The people with fulfilled appointments at a mass vaccination site in Chicago at Cook County have reported developing the symptoms of COVID-19 after getting fully vaccinated, and the city officials have called it the “side effects” of the vaccine. However, it is announced that side effects aren’t a bad signal for you, it simply means that your body is responding. And if you have got the COVID-19, it would not be as severe as it would be without the vaccine, though it is necessary to get tested for the virus to be sure.


In the NBC report, side effects can appear after receiving one or two doses of any coronavirus, which are 3 in total. However, not everyone is supposed to experience the side effects, it varies from body to body. The report released by experts stated that women are more likely to develop side effects of the vaccine; similar is the case with young people. Moreover, side effects appearance also depends on whether or not the person has previous experience with the coronavirus.

The top doctors of Chicago at CDC said that people are more likely to show the symptoms or side effects of the vaccine after the second dose. And although it is a hint that your body is responding to the vaccine, not getting side effects is still very safe.

Upon the concerns of people who have developed side effects after being fully vaccinated, the doctors clear out that people who report side effects after getting completely vaccinated do not need to quarantine themselves; their symptoms are no longer contagious.

The doctors also made it clear that even though the efficacy of the vaccine is pretty high and the vaccines are “very protective,” they are still not entirely preventive against the spread of the coronavirus, as it is visible in some cases.

Since getting COVID-19 is a reported side effect of the vaccine, people are recommended to be extra careful with the exposure after getting vaccinated. Furthermore, doctors have stressed that there is no limitation of not getting tested after the full vaccination. If you develop symptoms of coronavirus, you should go and get tested.


This makes it pretty complicated for people to go to rush-prone places for vaccination, be extra careful during it, be extra careful after, and if they do develop the symptoms, go to test centers to get tested, which is likely to be a crowded place as well.

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