Can You Get COVID-19 Infection After Being Vaccinated?

Though coronavirus vaccines are quite effective, some chances are that fully vaccinated people might also get COVID infection. Yes, recent research claims that there are few cases in which fully vaccinated people have been experienced COVID-19 infection. However, it happened only when such people were exposed to some symptoms and they got COVID positive after getting tests.

These cases are termed vaccine breakthrough cases. It indicates that there are fewer chances that vaccinated people get sick, but it may still appear. But, they don’t require COVID testing as compared to non-vaccinated people. But, if they find any symptoms, they should get tested. Experts are still researching to find out how many such cases are happening.

Recent Research For COVID-19 Vaccination

According to some clinical studies, it is stated that COVID-19 vaccination will prevent people from getting the coronavirus. Some researchers also claim that mRNA COVID-19 vaccination provides the same kind of protection in the real world. Although these vaccines are fruitful, there is still no such vaccine that can provide 100% protection from the virus.

For every vaccination, there are some breakthrough cases. The effectiveness of these vaccines is about 90% or even higher, and only a few people who are fully vaccinated will get sick from COVID-19. At the same time, there is a possibility that some vaccinated people can also have an infection with no symptoms.

Other Explanations Why Vaccinated Individuals Can Also Get COVID-19

A person can get infected by the coronavirus before or after being vaccinated. The human body requires two weeks to develop protection after the vaccination. Therefore, a person can get sick if the vaccine didn’t get enough time to provide protection.

Apart from that, there are some new variants of the COVID-19 virus that are currently prevailing in the United States. The recent data reveals that the COVID-19 vaccines used in the United States can protect people from almost every kind of coronavirus. But, some types of viruses can still cause illness in some people who are totally vaccinated.

Your Symptoms Will Be Less Severe, After Being Vaccinated For COVID-19

Although a relatively fewer number of people who are completely vaccinated will get sick from the virus, vaccination is strong enough to protect them from this virus. There is some evidence showing that vaccinated people can still get sick, but the level of sickness will not be severe as compared to the people who are not vaccinated.

Regardless of this, there are very less chances that fully vaccinated people would be hospitalized and died from this virus. However, people who are not vaccinated are at very high risk of being hospitalized and died.


CDC Is Observing COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Cases

CDC is operating with the states and local health departments to track the breakthrough cases of the COVID-19 vaccine. This investigation aims to find out unusual patterns, like the trends observed in age or sex, etc.

Ending Remarks:

Though there are some possibilities that you can get infected after being vaccinated, it is still better to get vaccinated because the COVID-19 vaccines undoubtedly provide maximum protection against the virus. Nevertheless, if you unluckily have some symptoms before or after vaccination, you must get tested without any delay.

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