Why There Is No Need To Get A COVID-19 Antibody Test After Vaccination?

The latest research of the Immunology experts reveals that the antibody test conducted after two weeks of being completely immunized from coronavirus is a total waste of time and money. There is no requirement for being tested after taking the COVID-19 vaccine, and people are totally unaware of this fact.

However, for understanding the myth of the COVID-19 antibody test, you first need to know what antibodies are and why this test is useless. This is what we are getting to explain during this blog! So, stick with us and read it carefully!

What Are Antibodies?

In simple words, antibodies are those blood proteins that help our body battle against invaders, like bacteria and viruses.

Hence, Antibody tests are usually conducted because of the COVID-19 pandemic to identify if the coronavirus has already infected a person. Dr. Luis Ostrosky discussed antibody tests in his blog written for the McGovern Medical School at UTHealth as “These tests searched mainly for the anti-nucleocapsid antibodies.” Further, he added that anti-nucleocapsid antibodies are only produced through natural coronavirus infection.


Why Are Antibody Tests Useless After COVID-19 Vaccination?

Vaccination jabs generate a diverse kind of antibody protein that is called the lgG antibodies. Some of the tests commercially available now are also seeking lgG antibodies.

In simple words, we can say that the antibody test not only informs you about the antibodies, but you also get to know about the antibodies created after being infected with the coronavirus. But, this test is not capable of detecting the antibodies created after the COVID vaccination.

It is stated on the website of the US Center for Disease Control And Prevention; “antibody test is not totally recommended to evaluate the immunity to the COVID-19 or for its vaccination. Additionally, this test is not eligible to evaluate the requirements of vaccination in an unvaccinated person.”


An infectious disease specialist named Dr. Carl Fichtenbaum employed at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, expressed their thoughts that there were 100 years to develop the antibody tests for diseases such as mumps and measles, whereas we have been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for only one and a half years. So, the antibody test can’t be conducted for the coronavirus. It is just a wasting of your precious time and money.

On the other hand, there are so many labs that are conducting antibody tests to track the COVID-19 spike proteins. But, these tests are not commercially available. And, the antibody test you are getting after vaccination right now, is not reliable and worthy.

Wrapping Up!

Knowledge is the key to the success. Without proper knowledge and just considering people’s suggestions, you generally make wrong decisions as the antibody test can tell you nothing after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. Different pieces of research are still going on to know more about the antibody test and COVID-19 vaccination as well. Nevertheless, the more people indeed get vaccinated, the more this virus will be defeated. So, get vaccinated as soon as possible. Moreover, if you are ill and have some symptoms of the coronavirus, don’t delay getting the COVID test.

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