Chicago Is in Danger Zone of COVID-19, Warned City Health Officials

A few days ago, residents of Chicago got a sigh of relief because of the then-new announcement by city officials that Chicago will move from the Vaccination Phase 1B into Phase 1C. However, another recent announcement was not so much of a good one, which left people wondering when all of this will finally be over.

The news that we are talking about is Chicago being in the danger zone of coronavirus. Public health commissioner of Chicago, Dr. Allison Arwardy, issued a warning last Tuesday, especially for younger adults of the city, that the metrics of coronavirus in the city are once again creeping their way into the danger zone, which is a great hurdle for the city’s vaccination program. That was not only a warning but also a signal to young adults to be as careful as possible in their life. Reportedly, the current metrics, which are still increasing, resemble the metrics of the previous second wave that hit Chicago the last October.


Although a week’s rolling average of positive cases is pretty low, sitting at 3.2% of the risk, Arwardy seems to think that it’s going to turn into high-risk in the upcoming days. During last Tuesday’s Q&A session, Dr. Allison Arwardy said that the average positive cases are “heading the wrong way,” and have increased from the previous week’s average of 2.9%.

Meanwhile, city officials, including Governor J.B. Pritzker and the Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, announced on Monday that a new mass vaccination site in Chicago will open on Friday in a former home improvement store in Forest Park, located in the west suburbs of Chicago.

Apart from that, one mass vaccination site, Chicago United Center, already made available 10,000 appointments. However, the new site, which would be run by The Illinois National Guard, is designed to administer around 1,000 doses of vaccine per day at the start. The new vaccination site will be open to all eligible people of Illinois and Chicago, though both territories operate on separate vaccination timelines.

Because Chicago is now in a danger zone, the testing for COVID-19 has become as crucial as its vaccination. Although there are still hospitals and clinics in Chicago which are allowing people to get tests, not all of them provide a vaccine. And it can be very hard for residents of Chicago to go to one place for a test and another for the vaccine; they will have to encounter more people along the way, deal with more staff—all of that would undoubtedly create more inconvenience and increase the chances of transmission.

To avoid this inconvenient situation, we suggest you go to a place that lets you create an appointment for both test and vaccination at once—that’s right: one place for your safety and health. Apart from that, there are places in Chicago that provide testing and vaccination completely free of cost. To get free COVID-19 testing and verified-approved vaccination, book your appointment now.

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