Coronavirus: Different Types of Tests and Vaccines

It has been more than a year since the coronavirus’s first-ever case, and the current situation is still making us ask ourselves if this is ever going to be over. Apart from the distribution of vaccines, the new strains of the virus are being identified, and some places are still worried about the upcoming waves.

Since the current world is going through insanity, the basic kindness we can offer to anyone is to guide them for help. In this article, we have explained different types of coronavirus tests and different types of vaccines, along with the link in the end where you can avail all that for free.


PCR Test

PCR test is the most common kind of test; it’s also the most accurate and most expensive. It is also known as the “Gold Standard” test. In the PCR test, the tester uses a cotton swab and inserts it in your nostril up to a point where your throat meets the sinuses—this point is known as the nasal pharyngeal area. From there, the specimen of nasal fluid is collected. This specimen is then broken down into millions of tiny little compounds, and each of them is then tested under special equipment for COVID-19.

Although this test is pretty uncomfortable, it’s almost always correct, though not every time.

Antigen Test

The antigen test is similar to the PCR test, except it’s less uncomfortable. It’s also less accurate and less expensive. However, it works with accuracy mostly when a patient gets this test during the very first days of transmission—that is the time when the virus is spread out in the whole body. In antigen tests, the nasal swab doesn’t reach the nasal pharyngeal area, but the specimen is collected from the start of the nostril.

The equipment used in this test is not very elaborate; therefore, this test can provide results within 15 minutes, unlike PCR which doesn’t come back before 24 hours at least.

Antibodies Test

Antibodies test is not a COVID-19 diagnosis test, it doesn’t even look for the virus. It is performed by taking the patient’s blood sample, and the tester searches your DNA for past experiences with the virus, to check if you have developed antibodies for the said virus or not.

Types of Vaccines

Particularly in the US, two vaccines are completely developed and are currently being distributed among eligible citizens. These are BioNTech-Pfizer and Moderna. BioNTech-Pfizer is made by the collaboration of the US and Germany, while Moderna is solely a US-made product. Both vaccines are verified and approved to be distributed among citizens.

Moreover, the third vaccine, Novavax, was last reported to be in the final development phase, after which it will be released for clinical trials.

Where to Get Tests and Vaccines

Luckily for Chicago residents, they can avail themselves of any kind of test of coronavirus for free. Eligible people can also book an appointment for the vaccination free of cost. For free tests and vaccines, book an appointment.

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