Coronavirus and the Third Wave in USA

Although the world isolated itself as much as possible, the threat of Covid-19 has not ended yet. Despite socially distancing ourselves for a whole year, the virus is noticeably reviving itself. People have sacrificed their comfort, energy, enjoyment, their jobs and education, and millions of people even sacrificed their lives, but we are still not in a Covid-free zone. The reason: medical experts are speechless. However, the research shows the evidence that the virus is powered by the mutations, and has the ability to change itself and transfer even without a medium. It was horrible as it was, and now it’s getting even scarier.

If we talk about United States, the number of patients admitted in hospitals is recorded highest of all time. In European countries, most of which didn’t get affected by a previous wave of coronavirus, the death rate is on peek. Europe is battling an uprising that has exceeded the previous death record observed in the last wave in the continent.

Particularly, the US have gone through three “waves” of this pandemic, and the third wave has reportedly caused 200,000 cases and more than 2,000 deaths per day. Recently, California received a major “stay at home” order due to the increasing threat.

Experts have noted that there might be several possible explanations why the third wave of the virus is unexpectedly large and threatening than the previous two waves. It might be because the coronavirus becomes stronger in drier air conditions and cooler temperatures—which has been the weather around USA during the third wave—and these weather situations motivate people to stay more indoors. When people stay more indoors, they are close to each other which might destroy the protective shield of social distancing. That is only one explanation.

Another explanation is that people are now too tired and fed-up with the use of face masks and compliance with the hygiene recommendations—it is, of course, true that people are not being as protective as they were in the first and second wave.

Schools can also be one of the reasons. Their reopening, after months of online education, has caused the transmission to grow rapidly.

The health officials haven’t been completely successful in figuring out the detail of the virus’s third wave. And they certainly cannot do that in enough time just by looking at the patterns of cases and deaths in the last few months, which are the only piece of stats they could manage to get. However, what can be distinguished is that the larger size of the pandemic has begun with the third wave, even though the transmission was on the smaller parts.

At this point, the health officials are strongly recommending people to get tested for coronavirus. Despite vaccine’s availability, it is still being distributed in phases according to risk-based priorities. Therefore, if you want to make yourself a priority and want to help medical professionals identify you as a patient, get yourself tested at and become a potential candidate for Covid-19 vaccine.

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