The USA May Be Riding Towards the Fourth Wave of Coronavirus

Some countries in the world went into the second wave of coronavirus, some were never fully recovered and faced the third wave. Countries who were stable when the territories near them were battling with the Covid-19 are now battling themselves with the insurgence of coronavirus. However, the case is the worse with USA.

The country who battled with the third wave while other countries were celebrating new year, had peace only for a month, and now is back on the field to defeat coronavirus.

The third wave of coronavirus in the US was the most horrific. It was the period where record-breaking number of people got admitted in a hospital. Moreover, it caused more than 200,000 cases and around 2,000 deaths in the country, leaving people in devastation.

Experts said that even though the transmission is being done on smaller parts, the virus itself is mostly at large and has the power to mutate itself onto people—meaning that the third wave of the virus was the virus at its peak and full growth.

Furthermore, medical officials didn’t yet manage to be successful with the detailed reason of the third wave’s unexpected catastrophes, but some possible explanations have been put forward, such as reopening of schools which has caused transmission to grow in students, people being Covid-fatigued to care anymore about sanitization and face masks, and cooler temperatures which made the virus more durable and drove people indoors and closer to their family members.

Although these explanations are good enough, they are not confirmed. That is because data cannot be collected properly in such a chaotic situation. The diagnoses and tests are not 100% accurate, officials use the Covid-rule-of-thumb to make people safe and protected.

Still, the situations aren’t getting normal. Despite the fact that there is a vaccine being distributed in states around the United States, there is yet no signal of green light. That is because the vaccine is being deployed in phases where only people at most risks are the prioritized candidates of vaccines, and people have stopped getting themselves tested because of the chance that they might get vaccinated sooner or later. However, people are not understanding that the successive waves are always larger and more threatening than the previous ones. This has been noted before in both the US and the UK. Therefore, if the US really goes full-fledged in the fourth-wave, the chaos would be bigger than ever witnessed—we have seen the third wave in US and we know uglier things could get.

It is first and foremost recommendation to people to get tested and clarify if they even are a candidate for vaccine, don’t just wait for your turn, because things can get bitter before it comes. Be extremely vigilant with the hygiene and face masks. If you are based in Chicago, you can get tested at If your result comes back negative, good, but you still need to be careful. However, if your result, unfortunately, comes back positive, you would be a prioritized candidate for vaccine and could make your appointment at a nearby vaccination camp in Chicago.

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