Coronavirus: The Development and Distribution of Vaccine

The world has been deeply drowned in COVID-19 pandemic. As health organizations are working twenty-four-seven to track the fatality rate, the distribution of medical supplies and the development of effective vaccines is an ongoing process. Ever since the virus has turned out to be a life-threatening factor, World Health Organization has been working together with other governments and health institutes to make sure the pandemic remains on the radar and critical interventions are being advised. However, it is much complicated than it seems. The race to develop and ship out safe and effective vaccines consists of large laps—and we are not yet sure when it will be completed.

The need of vaccine is undeniable. It saves millions of lives whenever such a virus emerges on earth. The process to develop vaccines starts from making sure how the human body naturally responds to the virus—and how it can be trained to respond in a better, stronger way. These responses are calculated after judging an average sample’s natural defenses, such as the immune system. Once the defense system is recognized, vaccine is made to make it stronger so it can fight off the bacteria the virus generates. A vaccine enables the body to immediately destroy the disease-causing germs if they do attack the human; it prevents severe illness and saves the person’s life.

As of the past few months, there have been more than 50 coronavirus vaccine candidates standing on the trials, ready for approval of the authorities to be deployed to people. World Health Organization was involved with the developers, scientists, businesspersons, and global health advisors to track the pandemic response and accelerate the vaccine development. And the organization has made sure that once the correct and safe vaccine is found and approved, it will be distributed throughout the world through COVAX—an organization led by GAVI, CEPI, and WHO—and become available for everyone’s protection.

In the past month, one vaccine was approved and is currently being distributed in the camps around US states, facilitated by national guards. However, the distribution is a long process. According to the ruling, people at most risk are prioritized candidates to get the vaccine. These include people with less common and rare symptoms or those tested positive. Different “Vaccination Phases” are imposed to roll out the vaccine on safe, effective, and fair terms. That is the only way the transmission of COVID-19 can be suppressed and mortality rate can be reduce

It is understandable that it can create the air of waiting anxiety, as everyone isn’t getting the vaccine at the same time. That is why it is recommended by the authorities to get yourself tested as soon as possible, so the identification of prioritized vaccine candidates can become more possible. For instance, if you do get tested positive even though the symptoms are lacking, you can become a prioritized appointment at the vaccine camps. If you are based in Chicago, luckily, you can get tested at the best verified place,

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