COVID-19: What It Is and How Far It Has Gone

The COVID-19 is an infectious disease which was originated in Wuhan province of China at the end of the year 2019. Crowds in Wuhan’s market allowed the virus to travel through humans—from animals, allegedly—and by time it started expanding among people, the situation got out of control. Virus started to roll out of the small market and started transmitting from people to people, even to those who didn’t have any direct connection with infected animals in the first place.

A coronavirus disease contains bacteria which is previously exhibited in infections, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), and more. It started spreading on a wild scale in early 2020 and has been a major cause of deaths in the whole world ever since. It affects different people in different ways, and most of its symptoms are similar to influenza or ammonia; that’s why it has been difficult to track it down or figure out the way to identify the infected people by symptoms.


The virus quickly spread through many parts of the world through the movement of infected organisms, and by march of 2020, it had reached across all continents, infecting thousands of humans in the way. World Health Organization (WHO) discovered that the virus was mutating and changing, and that became a great obstacle in finding a solution to cure it, once and for all. Moreover, countries announced full lockdowns of educational and business institutions. Schools and universities had to be closed down as they were the main cause of virus transmission among the students.

In Europe, Italy was a little late to take measures and lost millions of its population because of the pandemic. On the other side of the ocean, USA, who seemed to be prepared for the most desperate situations, even struggled to save its population from this unexpected disaster.

COVID-19 caused many businesses to permanently shut down—due to economic and financial uncertainty—and people lost their jobs. To make people cautious and aware of the situation, WHO issued Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) across the world for safe conduct of work and business. it was made clearly necessary that people should follow precautionary measures stated by the governments, such as wearing a mask, sanitizing, avoiding crowded places, and staying at home.  

After a lot devastation, the world finally got its silver lining when the vaccine was approved and deployed by authorities. Although a vaccine is available to prioritized patients, phase by phase, in US states, authorities still recommend immediate coronavirus testing in order to identify carriers to treat them specially—the only possible way to do that is if people who haven’t tested yet get done with the test and make themselves a clear priority for the vaccine.

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