COVID-19 Test and Why You Should Get It Even After the Vaccine?

It has been more than 10 days now since Chicago was advanced into the Phase 1C of vaccination. The new phase has allowed a lot of people to get the vaccine now. However, a report showed that the vaccine which is being deployed in the Cook County mass vaccination site for the vaccination Phase 1C has side effects that lead to the contraction of the COVID-19 virus.

Upon further confirmation, it was announced by the city officials that the vaccine, Johnson & Johnson, indeed has some side effects. However, that is not the full story. The vaccine’s side effects are reported as “not bad” by the city officials. And not only Johnson & Johnson, but all of the vaccines are reported to have the chance to show their side effects.


The city officials have stated that the side effects of the vaccine are not a bad sign, they merely hint that your body is responding to the vaccine, which is sort of a good thing. That being said, if you don’t experience the side effects, it is not bad. Most of the people with side effects have reported experiencing them after the second dose of the vaccine, but according to the officials, the side effects can appear after the first or second dose of the vaccine and before the third. And all three of the vaccines that are approved throughout the US possess the chance to show the side effects and/or coronavirus symptoms.

To justify the symptoms that people are exhibiting even after the vaccine, the city officials stated that the vaccines approved currently are not 100% effective against the virus; however, their efficacy rate is still pretty high, which is why they are approved in the country.

Furthermore, if the person is vaccinated fully and still develops the symptoms of coronavirus, they are free from the requirement of quarantine. The top doctor of Chicago has stated that those who have been vaccinated might still exhibit the symptoms of coronavirus, but they are not required to isolate themselves. What they should do is get a coronavirus test and be sure about their condition.

Apart from that, people who have been vaccinated or those who are going to be vaccinated in the upcoming days are advised to stay extra vigilant and careful of the virus. Not that their case is going to be any worse than others, but since they have already been vaccinated, it is better if they avoid thinking that they are absolutely immune.


Since the top doctor has recommended people who exhibit symptoms of the vaccine get tested for COVID-19 and be sure of their case, residents should be ready to have a visit to the clinic if the complications show up after the exposure to the vaccine.

Luckily, there is a clinic in Chicago that provides Free COVID-19 Test and Free Vaccination. If you are eligible for the vaccine or are experiencing symptoms, make your appointment now.

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