Importance of COVID-19 Test for Vaccinated People

Since Chicago has recently advanced further into Phase 1C of vaccination, more and more people are finally getting the doses of vaccine. Reports suggest that by the end of Phase 1C, the majority of the people of Chicago will have vaccinated. However, it is a common notion among citizens that if they get the vaccine, they are completely cured of coronavirus. Well, this is absolutely not the case.

Not only there are reported side effects of the vaccine that is supplied at the Cook County mass vaccination site, but people have actually reported that they developed the coronavirus after they got the vaccine. It makes it evident that vaccines will not work with 100% immunity to make coronavirus—a deadly powerful and very contagious virus—useless. According to medical experts, the vaccine will have side effects and might cause the symptoms of coronavirus to occur. But that’s not as bad as it seems. It merely means that your body is responding to the change.


Apart from that, people who are developing the symptoms of coronavirus are advised to get tested and not think that they are free from complications. Doctors in the state suggested that if anyone is experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19 even after getting fully vaccinated, it is important to be tested.

A lot of people seem to believe that getting tested for COVID-19 even after getting vaccinated against the same virus is “counterproductive” and they are “better off without the test.”

But Dr. Robert Klugman of UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester says that people who have vaccinated are still required to get tested if they feel the symptoms.

Dr. Klugman said, “It’s still very important for people who have symptoms, particularly if there’s a risk of exposing others, that they get tested,” said Dr. Klugman. “It helps us to understand more about the vaccines and the virus.”

Klugman further explained that even though the efficacy of the vaccines currently in the market is pretty high, it is not 100% effective. Reportedly, over 20 healthcare workers at UMass Memorial Medical Center who have been completely vaccinated still contracted coronavirus after only 2 weeks.

Although the goal of the state was to reach herd immunity, Klugman pointed out that the USA is nowhere near the reach of herd immunity—possibly because of these uncertain circumstances.

Robert Klugman further said, “We still have a large percent of the population yet to be vaccinated, and we still have concerns about the effectiveness of the vaccine over time as the virus adapts.”


Due to such complications, it is hard for citizens to go to different rush-prone places to get vaccinated and contract the chance of catching coronavirus. However, if they opt out of mass vaccination sites and mass testing centers set by the state and the city, they can avail the free facility at clinics that provide it.

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