Types of COVID-19 Test and Vaccines

As the city of Chicago has recently slid into the Phase 1C of vaccination, newly eligible people are once again in need of information on the vaccine. But that isn’t enough. The current numbers of COVID-10 cases are once again on the high and city officials have warned the residents of Chicago, especially young adults, […]

Importance of COVID-19 Test for Vaccinated People

Since Chicago has recently advanced further into Phase 1C of vaccination, more and more people are finally getting the doses of vaccine. Reports suggest that by the end of Phase 1C, the majority of the people of Chicago will have vaccinated. However, it is a common notion among citizens that if they get the vaccine, […]

Some Myths About COVID-19 Testing And Vaccination

No one can doubt the fact that COVID-19 is affecting human life badly. Started on 31 December 2019, this virus has been spreading continuously by damaging people’s health. It is a terrifying global pandemic that not only disturbs physical health but mental health too. However, dealing with this severe disease, many experts and professional teams […]

5 Myths Around Covid-19 That You Need to Ignore

One of the most worrisome obstacles in our journey of defeating the coronavirus pandemic are myths. Somewhere on earth, someone said something out of fear of the virus, and a whole set of people started believing it without any evidence. We understand that people try to be extra careful, which is good, but it also […]

How to Stay One Step Ahead of Covid-19—Measures of Precaution

As all of us know, coronavirus has left the whole world shaking in fear and making every effort to preserve lives. Covid-19 had victimized millions of lives throughout the whole world. And even though it has a wider recovery rate than the death rate, we cannot afford to take a risk not being 100% precautioned […]

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