How to Stay Away from COVID-19: 4 Things to Follow

It has been more than a year now since coronavirus hit the world and spread the wave of fear and devastation. As much as humanity is doing efforts to preserve lives, millions of people have been victimized. It is true that COVID-19 has an increased recovery rate than fatality rate, but it cannot be denied […]

Coronavirus and the Third Wave in USA

Although the world isolated itself as much as possible, the threat of Covid-19 has not ended yet. Despite socially distancing ourselves for a whole year, the virus is noticeably reviving itself. People have sacrificed their comfort, energy, enjoyment, their jobs and education, and millions of people even sacrificed their lives, but we are still not […]

What Are the Signs That You Have Coronavirus?

There is no doubt in the fact that coronavirus, indeed, is a deadly disease. Ever since it has begun—which was the ending period of 2019—health and medical officials, along with government authorities, have done their best to make people aware of the dangerous situation and helped them take drastic changes to protect themselves and their […]

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