Why And When Do COVID-19 Vaccines Expire?

The most critical question that is trending these days is; when and why do COVID-19 vaccines expire? In this pandemic era, different countries are producing COVID-19 vaccines and distributing them to other countries to help reduce this scary virus from the world.

However, some of the state officials claim that many of the COVID-19 vaccines will expire in recent days if they will be unused. The White House press secretary, named Jen Psaki told that expiration dates are a significant factor for sending the vaccination doses to the world as soon as possible.

Why Do COVID-19 Vaccines Expire?

A lot of drugs can last for years, but only when they are correctly stored. But, most of the drugs start losing their effectiveness, similarly as the food can get degraded in the food store. Therefore, an essential task for vaccine providers is to keep an eye on the expiration dates labeled on each batch, as it will make them aware that they are using their supplies at the proper time.

Norman Baylor, former Food and Drug Administration vaccine chief, said, “The expiration dates of the vaccines can be determined by the data provided by the manufacturers to regulators, which tells how long the drug can stay in its right strength.”

This phenomenon is termed as “potency assay,” and it varies from one vaccine to another. For instance, some vaccines like Tetanus Shots usually last for about two years only when they are properly stored. Nevertheless, COVID-19 Vaccines can also be stored for a reasonable time period. Recent research claims that coronavirus vaccines can be stored for a long time when they are placed in low temperatures.

When Do COVID-19 Vaccine Expire?

The COVID-19 vaccines produced by Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson can be easily stored for six months from the time of when they are manufactured. But, the vaccines must be appropriately stored at low temperatures.

Norman Baylor explained that now, these vaccines are new, but still, with time, the expiration dates of vaccines will eventually be extended because the companies are trying to test different samples of batches in the coming months.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Department of Science Education is ultimately supporting the Associated Press Health and Science Department for researching the lifespan of the COVID-19 vaccines. It is said that after some time, the expiration time of the COVID-19 vaccines will be increased, and they could be used for a long time. It will be a huge benefit for the world fighting this pandemic.


Wrapping Up!

The research is still going on to know the actual reason why do the COVID-19 vaccines expire so soon? But, the best thing to do is to secure yourself and follow all the precautions to be saved from the coronavirus. You should also get vaccinated as soon as possible to protect yourself from the coronavirus. Moreover, if you are unfortunately feeling sick, you should get tested right now!

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