Can You Get COVID-19 Infection After Being Vaccinated?

Though coronavirus vaccines are quite effective, some chances are that fully vaccinated people might also get COVID infection. Yes, recent research claims that there are few cases in which fully vaccinated people have been experienced COVID-19 infection. However, it happened only when such people were exposed to some symptoms and they got COVID positive after […]

How Good is a COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test?

Point of care testing during infectious outbreaks, especially the COVID-19 pandemic, has become a first line modality for rapid detection and prevention. Testing after exposure, new-onset symptoms, or being unmasked in a crowded space is especially important as COVID-19 is highly transmissible. Even for individuals that are asymptomatic, unvaccinated, or without any symptoms but have […]

What is Monkey Pox?

What is Monkeypox? Monkeypox is a viral disease which is related to the family of smallpox and cowpox. Each of these diseases causes a characteristic skin rash that can be accompanied by fever, head and muscle aches, swollen lymph nodes, and exhaustion.   Why am I hearing so much about Monkeypox everywhere? Monkeypox has been around for […]

Coronavirus: Different Types of Tests and Vaccines

It has been more than a year since the coronavirus’s first-ever case, and the current situation is still making us ask ourselves if this is ever going to be over. Apart from the distribution of vaccines, the new strains of the virus are being identified, and some places are still worried about the upcoming waves. […]

Chicago Is in Danger Zone of COVID-19, Warned City Health Officials

A few days ago, residents of Chicago got a sigh of relief because of the then-new announcement by city officials that Chicago will move from the Vaccination Phase 1B into Phase 1C. However, another recent announcement was not so much of a good one, which left people wondering when all of this will finally be […]

Eligibility Criteria in Chicago Is Set to Expand by 29th March

Residents of Chicago have been waiting for their turn to become eligible to make an appointment at vaccination camps. Chicago is still in Phase 1B, which lets people over the age of 64 and essential frontline workers get the vaccine, and other people are waiting for their turn desperately. However, the news came in as […]

Illinois and Chicago to Advance Further in Vaccination Phase in a Few Days

The most asked question currently in Chicago, Illinois is: When will I get the COVID vaccine? To the relief of citizens, it was announced by J.B Pritzker that the eligibility phase will expand to all the residents over the age of 16 outside of Chicago in April, which is just a few days away. Before […]

5 Myths Around Covid-19 That You Need to Ignore

One of the most worrisome obstacles in our journey of defeating the coronavirus pandemic are myths. Somewhere on earth, someone said something out of fear of the virus, and a whole set of people started believing it without any evidence. We understand that people try to be extra careful, which is good, but it also […]

How Digital Technology is Helping the Identification of Coronavirus

Covid-19, a global pandemic, has an extremely high transmissibility rate. Many argue about Covid-19 being stable due to vaccine, but the truth is that vaccine is not developed and deployed in enough quantity that could make millions of people immune to coronavirus. So far, vaccine is being distributed in US states in “phases” where only […]

The USA May Be Riding Towards the Fourth Wave of Coronavirus

Some countries in the world went into the second wave of coronavirus, some were never fully recovered and faced the third wave. Countries who were stable when the territories near them were battling with the Covid-19 are now battling themselves with the insurgence of coronavirus. However, the case is the worse with USA. The country […]

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