Why should you test ASAP for all 3 – COVID, Flu & RSV, if You Have Symptoms

It is challenging to distinguish between COVID-19, RSV, or the flu since they have similar symptoms; getting tested is the best approach to determine which infection you have. You may have either one of the viruses -COVID, Flu, or RSV – or you may have a combination of them. Having more than 1 virus causes […]

Why Are Things Worse This Year?

The Tripledemic And Why It Is Worse This Year The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has been reporting that influenza cases began much earlier this year and are rapidly rising nationwide.  With relaxed COVID-19 guidelines, travel and socializing back in full swing, this winter season is primed for a rise in cases of […]

When does the flu peak?

Although seasonal flu viruses are found all year round in the United States, the “flu season” is when these viruses most frequently spread, according to the CDC.  The actual start and end dates of flu seasons might vary, although October is when activity often peaks. Flu activity usually peaks between December and February, though it […]

What is the “Tripledemic”?

By Adrienna Chew The Winter of 2022-2022 is showing a rapid increase in Influenza, COVID, and now, RSV infections – the 3 infections being called the “tripledemic” The CDC is reporting a rapid rise in cases of all 3 types of respiratory viruses – COVID, influenza, and now a mix of a third pathogen – […]

The RSV Problem This Year

What’s different about RSV this year? We already had COVID and the flu, but RSV has entered the picture this fall. According to the CDC, 58 000 to 80 000 children, or 1-2% of children under the age of six months who have RSV infection, are at risk for hospitalization. When we think about RSV, […]

Why choose RT-PCR for Influenza or RSV?

According to the CDC, RT-PCR testing has: High sensitivity and very high specificity compared to antigen testing Can differentiate COVID-19. influenza A/B and RSV Is highly recommended for older children and adults due to the lower viral load in their respiratory specimens, making antigen testing less sensitive for this age group Rapid RT-PCR assay performed […]

What is Monkey Pox?

What is Monkeypox? Monkeypox is a viral disease which is related to the family of smallpox and cowpox. Each of these diseases causes a characteristic skin rash that can be accompanied by fever, head and muscle aches, swollen lymph nodes, and exhaustion.   Why am I hearing so much about Monkeypox everywhere? Monkeypox has been around for […]

How Good is a COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test?

Point of care testing during infectious outbreaks, especially the COVID-19 pandemic, has become a first line modality for rapid detection and prevention. Testing after exposure, new-onset symptoms, or being unmasked in a crowded space is especially important as COVID-19 is highly transmissible. Even for individuals that are asymptomatic, unvaccinated, or without any symptoms but have […]

Can You Get COVID-19 Infection After Being Vaccinated?

Though coronavirus vaccines are quite effective, some chances are that fully vaccinated people might also get COVID infection. Yes, recent research claims that there are few cases in which fully vaccinated people have been experienced COVID-19 infection. However, it happened only when such people were exposed to some symptoms and they got COVID positive after […]